Enneagram wisdom

No matter what type we are, we can observe the following about Inner Work: "We will succeed in our Work if we are willing to know the truth about what is really occurring in us." (Understanding the Enneagram, 361)

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Back to your real self...

Velosimed center that Mojca and Marko  created has a genuine capability to bring you back to your real self. Center is based in the mountains in the Slovenia surrounded by beautiful river Kokra. We ha


Intenzivna delavnica holotropnega dihanja je bila zame  pomembna in globoka izkušnja, h kateri so zagotovo pripomogli tudi krasna narava, občutek varnosti in sprejemanja, ki smo ju ustvarili v skupini

June 2020 workshop

I have chosen to attend a 4 days holotropic hreathwork workshop at Velosimed, because it was highly recommended by someone whos´ opinion is valuable for me. First of all, many, many thanks to Mojca an