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Cancellation Policy: 70 € of your payment for the workshop is a non-refundable processing fee. The balance is refundable upon cancellation until 14 days before the workshop.

If you cancel the workshop within 15 days before the starting date, the whole workshop amount will not be refunded, but after deducting the € 70,- cancellation fee it could be applied to any other workshop during the following 4 years.

Please, DO NOT make any payments or bookings before you receive confirmation of your participation from the organizer.

If you have any special requirements regarding accommodation and/or food, or you need assistance about travels, please, let us know:


Substance use policy: Use of any non-prescription drugs or other illegal substances is not permitted during the workshop or at the workshop site. Anyone using such drugs or substances during the workshop or at the workshop site will not be allowed to attend the workshop.

Please, note, we can not confirm your participation at the workshop before we receive your medical form.  

By sending the registration form it will be assumed that you agree with above terms. 

"Zelo prijeten ambient, v katerem se počutila izjemno varno in sprejeto. Marko in Mojca sta odlična terapevta, vedno na pravem mestu. Z vsemi udeleženci delavnice smo ustvarili prijeten in intimen prostor za celoten proces." 

Tanja, udeleženka delavnice Holotropnega dihanja - več mnenj...

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